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Liquid Level Sensors

Continuous output - VRO series


The ACT VRO series is a liquid level sensor with a continuous output signal for process control signal data. Customized to your application with limitless options too numerous to list here. ACT will modify sensors to provide the best solution for your application. 

What is liquid?( concentrations) 
Specific gravity?
Temperature range? 
Tank pressure/vacuum (max.)? 





Electrical requirements
What output signal? 1-6 Vdc 1-10Vdc 4-20 ma
resistance range?
output not listed above
What is wired directly to the output of the level control? 
Example: meter, computer or (PLC)
Mechanical component selection
Specify an option from each category 
1 through 13.
1. The control will be mounted 
    from the?
side, top, bottom, 
inside a pipe
1a. Installed from, inside or outside the tank.

2. Select mounting fitting below, and size

TubeStraight thread 

Male npt    
Pipe plug         Sanitary flange
150lb flange    
3. Provide a 1/2" conduit, male or female,to pipe plug or flange.

4. Add a splash shield to reduce false signals caused by turbulence, yes no

5. Add a pipe centering disk     yes no
5a. Add a turbulence deflection disc  yesno
6. Check all compatible construction materials: (Other materials available) Aluminum,
Brass, Buna-N,CPVC, Kynar, Nylon, PVC, PVDF, Polypropylene,
Polyethylene, 304 Stainless, 316 Stainless, Teflon.
6a. Desired mounting and stem material,Float material,
6b. Float size, (if known)Float size restrictions
Electrical selection
7. Electronics for sensor will be mounted, locally on the sensor, or remote from sensor.
8. Supply an electrical control panel for mounting electronics with wire terminal blocks

power supply for 120 Vac to 24 Vdc
power supply for 120 Vac to 12 Vdc
junction box only

Note: 4-20 mA output requires a control panel to mount electronics.

9. Select resolution,standard+ -1/2, optional+ -1/4, special
10. Sensor range , typically four inches (102 mm) less than the stem overall length. 
( two inches, 51 mm at the top and bottom )
11. Adjust sensor, "A", "B" , "C" , "D"
12. Standard output is high with a full tank, with respect to sensor mounting,  reverse output
13. Add high and low level alarm switches.
13a. Add a digital or analog display.
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