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Liquid Level Sensor

Mini - Level and Temperature 4300 series


Miniature oil level and over temperature
indication in a single control assembly.


bullet Field adjustable switch ( N.O. and N.C. )
bullet Some sensors fit through ¾" npt coupling
bullet Rugged solid cellular float
bullet Temperature switch 1°C repeatability, 5°C accuracy


bullet Connectors 
bullet Jacketed cable
bullet Custom lead wires
bullet Metric-British threads
bullet Custom molding
bullet Stilling well
bullet Female threads
bullet Thermistors RTD’s, Thermocouples
bullet High accuracy

A.C.T. will modify switches to provide the
best solution for your application.



Ordering Information

Select a "Base switch Part Number", then specify a temperature switch set point (5°C - 140°C) and operation (open = "C" or close = "CR" on rising temperature) finally select the float switch operation (N.O. or N.C. with the float resting against the retaining ring).

A common hydraulic reservoir switch is "B 4300 N - 60 - CR - N.C." The temperature switch is open and will close (CR) on rising temperature at 60°C (140°F), and the liquid level switch is closed with the float against the retaining ring. If this float switch was mounted from the top of the tank the liquid level switch would be closed with an empty tank.

Float Switch Qty. in
Stem Float Diameter Specific Gravity in water Rating
in. (mm)
Select a part number, and enter the quantity
  B 4300 N   Brass Nylon 1" 25.4 .68 50 N.O. & N.C.  
B 4300 B   Brass NBR 7/8" 22.2 .48 50 N.O. & N.C.  

NBR =Buna-N

Quantities greater than 10 qualify for quantity discounts.

Select additional options below.  
Options will change the price of each unit and some options are not carried in stock.  If you add options, we will call to confirm the price and availability with you. 

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Stem Material

Switch Type

Liquid Level Switch

Float Size

Float Material
Temperature Switch Set Point
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Liquid Level Switch Operation 
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