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Custom float switch assemblies


The ACT MS series standard liquid level and temperature components to your unique application requirements. Single or multiple sensors components are combined into a single assembly. Limitless options are available including connectors, seals custom mounting arrangements, floats etc.

What is liquid?( concentrations) 
Specific gravity?
Temperature range? 
Tank pressure/vacuum (max.)? 
What function is the control to perform (example: keep tank full)
Electrical requirements
What is wired directly to level control, (example: relay, solenoid, light, computer )  
What is the voltage,  
Inrush current,  
Continuous current,  
Mechanical component selection
Specify an option from each category 
1 through 12.
1. The control will be mounted 
    from the?
side, top, bottom, 
inside a pipe
1a. Installed from, inside or outside the tank.

2. Select mounting fitting below, and size

Tube Straight thread 

Male npt    
Pipe plug              Sanitary flange
150lb flange      
3. Provide a 1/2" conduit, male or female,to pipe plug or flange.
4. Add a splash shield to reduce false signals caused by turbulence, yes no
5. Add a pipe centering disk     yes no
5a. Add a turbulence deflection disc  yesno
6. Check all compatible construction materials: (Other materials available) Aluminum,
Brass, Buna-N,CPVC, Kynar, Nylon, PVC, PVDF, Polypropylene,
Polyethylene, 304 Stainless, 316 Stainless, Teflon.
6a. Desired mounting and stem material,Float material,
6b. Float size, (if known)Float size restrictions
Electrical selection
7. Electrical wiring to each switch will have,
Individual wires, or a common wire.
8. Supply an electrical junction box,yesno     
9. Wire leads are 24" (610 mm) long,

optional length,

jacketed cable,

connector, specify type desired

10. Select switch positions, type, operation and size for each switch.
10a. For reference purposes measure switch positions from mounting end.
10b. S.P.S.T. switches are either N.O. or N.C. select the desired switch operation assuming your tank is empty.
10c. Select a switch from the options list, that will work with your electrical load.

Surge suppression is required
when switches are connected to a relayor light. Refer to Surge protection for details.

11. Overall length of stem can not exceed , to fit into tank. See fittings for

tapered thread engagement lengths. (typically O.L. = switch 1 plus 2" {50.8 mm})

12. Add a temperature sensing switch preset at, F, C.

On rising temperature the switch open close. Allow 3" (76.2) of stem for temperature

sensor option. Other temperature sensing devices available, specify type desired.

Note: ACT standard tolerances are used unless a critical tolerance is noted. Yes critical tolerances.

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