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Mini - AIY MA series


Quickly assemble your own custom liquid level and temperature switches from basic components.


bullet Switch wires are fed through a hollow tube inside the level switches.
bullet 1-1/4" pipe plugs have 1/2" male conduit and either 1/4" or 1/8" npt female threads.
bullet Liquid level switches have 1/4" or 1/8" npt male and female threads.
bullet Temperature switch have 1/4" female threads. 
bullet Separate or position switches with standard pipe nipples.
bullet Field adjustable level switch (N.O. and N.C.)

Click here to see " Assembly examples" 

Ordering Information

Float Switch Qty. in
Material Diameter Specific
in water
in.    (mm)
Select a part number, and enter the quantity
  BMA 02 B - M Brass NBR 1-1/8" (28.6) .61 50w NO & NC 1400
BMA 34 P - F Brass PP 2" (50.8) .62 100w NO & NC 1400
BMA 64 S - F Brass SS 1-5/8" (41.3) .60 3 amp NO or NC 1400
BMA 04 Brass         6 amp Open (C) or Closed (CR) 1400
SMA 04 SS         6 amp Open (C) or Closed (CR) 1400

SS = Stainless Steel, PP = Polypropylene, NBR = Buna-N

Temperature switch assembly, select a "Temperature Switch Part Number", then specify a temperature set point (5°C-130 °C) and a "Switch Operation" will, Open = C, or Closed = CR on rising temperature. Example BMA 00 - 60 - C.

Quantities greater than 10 qualify for quantity discounts.

Select additional options below.  
Options will change the price of each unit and some options are not carried in stock.  If you add options, we will call to confirm the price and availability with you. 

Please Select Any Additional Options:

Stem Material

Stem Type


Thread Size
Float Material

Wire Exit Location

Elevated operating temperature
Extra wire length (Total length, example 72")
Float inverted for N.O. switch dry (N.C. is standard)
Special Threads (by description)
Wire gauge size optional ( 24 gauge standard )
Low level float switch, mounted at the
bottom of a switch assembly.
Typical part number is
B 1000 B - F - W 060 
B2000 P - W 060 - 22 awg - 1/4"npt

Temperature switch part numbering quide:

Stem Thread & Switch Type

Temperature Switch Set Point

Temperature Switch Operation 

Extra wire length 60" is standard (Total length, example 72")
Pipe plug part numbering guide for MA series:
Brass Pipe Plugs 
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