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Pipe Fittings

Tapered pipe fittings

What size is it?

Nominal pipe sizes do not match the outside or inside thread diameter. To determine pipe sizes up to 1¼", measure the outside diameter of the threads. Subtract ¼" for the pipe thread size. (example, a fitting measures ¾" at the large end, then subtract ¼", the fitting in question is a ½" pipe thread).

Fittings may also be referred to as a "Dash number". Dash numbers are the numerator over 1/16". (numerator refers to the top number of a fraction) (In our example above ½" pipe thread is converted to 8/16" and written as "-8") Hydraulic straight thread o-ring fittings are referred to this way.

Note the dimension below each fitting is the hand tight engagement length.

Match up your fitting here, these outlines are to scale.


FittingCompression tube fittings installation procedure

Loosen nut on fitting and insert tubing until the tube bottoms in the fitting body. Tube alignment with fitting is very important. Tighten nut finger tight, wrench tighten 1¼" more turns.