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Reed Switch

Electrical Ratings

Electrical ratings are a guide only, application variables will affect reed switch operation and life. Test and evaluation of switches is always recommended and ACT application engineers can provide past experience and test data to recommend switches. Listed below are the most common switches used by ACT, but we have over 175 other possible switches for specific application requirements. 

Reed Switch

Maximum resistive rating at 25 degrees Celcious

Reed Switch

Switching ratings are contact make data.

Switch failure will occur if you

  1. Exceed any one of the above ratings.
  2. Operate at maximum load current and maximum temperature.
  3. Load chatters, typically seen when a single float directly controls a device without a latching or time  delay.
  4. Inductive loads switched near maximum ratings listed above or used without a surge protection device.

Relays, Solenoid and Motor WARNING

Inductive loads like these have very high surge currents when cycled. Reduce ratings above by a factor of 10 for longer switch life and always use surge protection devices.