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Float Switch - Liquid Level Sensor

Custom Temperature Sensors

Engineering Data
Continuous Output Sensors
Custom Switch Assemblies

Electronic Level Controls

Engineering Data

Conductive Liquids

Single Point Filling w/ time delay
Single point low detection w/ time delay
Single point time delay filling and pump shut off time delay
Two point filling and low level heater shut off
Two point, pump down (emptying)
Two point pump up or down selectable
Multi-Tank, Two point pump up or down
Ultra-Pure D.I. water, two point filling
Control Probes

Non-Conductive Liquids

Single point, low level detection w/ time delay
Single point, Ultra-sonic sensor

Liquid Level Float Switches

Engineering Data

Horizontally mounted float switches

Tank exterior removable 6000
Tank Interior removable 6100
Universal mountings 6200
Miniature side entry float switch 6300

Vertically mounted float switches

Continuous output sensors
Custom switch assemblies
Micro miniature
Miniature (modified stem)
High buoyancy

Unique application sensors

Assemble it yourself
Continuous output sensors
Custom switch assemblies
Drum level control
Field adjustable level
Field adjustable multiple levels
Field adjustable single level
Flow switches
High current pump switch
Low engine coolant sensor
Mercury tilt switch
Miniature assemble it yourself
Miniature sight gauge with float switch
Sight gauge with float switch
Submersible float switch
Tank gauge with display 
Wide differential

Liquid Level and Temperature, Switches

Engineering Data
Custom switch assemblies
Level & temperature sensors
Miniature level & temperature
Temperature sensors

Pressure Sensors

33-240 Ohms
1-5 Vdc Signal
Pressure Sensors 

Relays & Timers

Engineering Data
Solid State relays 
Interval & Delay on Make Timers Vac
Dual Vdc & Triple Vac Delay on Make Timers

Technical & Engineering Information

Float Switch engineering data

Electrical Specifications, wire color code
Electrical Specifications 2, temperature sensor
Float Data
Interface Weighted Floats
Modified Stem Design
Pipe Fitting
Reed Switch Electrical rating
Splash Shield
Surge Protection
Switch Point Guide
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