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Liquid Level Sensors


When You Call, We Know How to Listen
Every ACT product engineer has 10 or more years of liquid level sensor experience so you are assured of getting the best solution for your application. We have years of application expertise and experience so we provide exceptional solutions to even the most challenging sensor or control problems. We offer free technical assistance to give you peace of mind as well as timely, cost efficient products. Whether you contact us through our internet site, e-mail, snail mail, fax, or phone, you speak directly with our engineering/design staff and that maximizes efficiency in communication, solutions, ordering, delivery and pricing.

ACT SensorsACT Means “Quality Every Time”
Every part ACT produces is 100% quality control inspected during the manufacturing process. This insures the highest quality parts that work properly every time. We maintain the highest quality standards through continuous employee training, rigorous internal auditing, continuous product improvement and the latest production line technology. We are U.L. listed, N.S.F. Certified and ISO 9001 quality compliant, with application pending.

Quality, Craftsmanship, State-of-the-art Equipment
ACT does not rely on sub contractors or imported sub assemblies. All parts are produced in-house by our employees who bring craftsmanship and skill to the production process. Our production facility houses injection molding machines, mix and dispensing equipment, ultrasonic welding, automated wire termination, CNC lathes, electronic assembly, testing and an array of specialty equipment to produce the highest quality components possible. Complete vertical integration of our product line allows ACT to retain 100% quality control over all the parts we produce. And, we warrant every part for 3 full years.

ACT Leads the Industry with the Fastest Deliveries
We accomplish our impressive lead times through the integration of engineering and sales, in-house production of all major assemblies and sub assemblies, and person-to-person production efficiencies. Our production strategy focuses on the fastest possible delivery to keep your operation running smoothly. JIT deliveries, pre-scheduled monthly parts releases and contract production are but a few of the many ways we work with you to provide the best delivery solution. We stock hundreds of standard products. Custom parts can be shipped in two weeks or less. We are the only supplier to use specification/technical drawings to confirm every order. Conformation drawings are usually faxed within hours of your call.

For maximum speed, our ACT-FAST rapid response parts service is available at no extra charge. ACT-FAST service allows for a 25% to 75% reduction of ordinary lead-times. When emergencies or critical applications demand, you can count on our ACT-FAST service. Call toll free 1-877-800-8820.

Preferred supplier to OEMs, MROs, Process and Environmental Industries

Providing sensors for
Air Compressors
Bulk Storage Tanks
Chemical Dispensing Systems
Commercial Restaurant Industry
Hydraulic Systems
Parts Washers
Power Generation Equipment
Truck and Car Wash Lines
Vending Machines
Wastewater Treatment Equipment